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NAB is taking on Big Tech, which seems to lord over local news stations and local journalism. We've all seen how the tech giants regularly enable others to rerun and reuse that information without giving credit to the original source and without sharing ad revenue with the local newsgroups. We know that social media has become an outrage machine that distorts facts and gives real journalism a bad name. If you want to help NAB with these efforts, contact your local congressmen and encourage them to pass the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA). You can read more about it here.

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I'm glad that they're doing something about the blatant plagiarism that goes on. Many times over, I've seen different blogs steal material from legitimate news sources and eat up the ad revenue. Google Search also seems to favor scandalous news, over news that's more helpful to society.


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Thanks for this information! I will definitely be reaching out to my Congressman. I often wondered how all of this works, it seems there is so much plagiarism online.


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Good for them! Something really does need to change, before we lose our local news stations. Facebook is another major problem. People share news stories without giving the original creators any credit. They're also starved of ad revenue.

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