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  1. WidestScreen

    Staying Healthy Mentally

    There has been a lot of attention lately put on mental health, and especially keeping mentally healthy in your workplace. I've noticed that some of my friends who started careers in film or photography have burned out and moved on to something else. How do you stay healthy mentally in this field?
  2. WidestScreen

    Last Week Tonight

    Does anyone else watch Last Week Tonight, hosted by John Oliver? I find that it's a funny way to get some news each week. Otherwise, I find the news too depressing to watch!
  3. WidestScreen

    Any Tips for Writing a Science Fiction/Fantasy Screenplay?

    I've always loved fantasy and science fiction stories, and so I've always wanted to write one as well. I've struggled with how to describe the magic and other nonexistant animals and plants in the script. Has anyone ever written a screenplay in one of these genres? How did you end up describing...
  4. WidestScreen

    Unnecessary Sequels

    What do you think was the most unnecessary sequel ever made? I would put in my vote for some of the direct to DVD Disney sequels. I remember watching them when I was a kid, but I couldn't tell you what they were about!
  5. WidestScreen

    Everywhere, Everything, All At Once

    I saw this movie in theaters and I was blown away! I loved this movie so much. There were so many neat visual tricks and interesting shots, as well as a captivating story. I don't want to spoil it, but it's about a mother and a daughter and their relationship across the multiverse.
  6. WidestScreen

    Sound Design in The Batman

    I recently saw The Batman in theaters. I loved the sound design in that film! It pulled me in and was such a gripping part of the film. Honestly, I think it was one of the best parts of the whole movie! Did anyone else have this same impression of The Batman?
  7. WidestScreen

    Lindsay Lohan?

    I recently watched The Parent Trap with some friends and it got me thinking about Lindsay Lohan. Has she acted in anything recently? I feel like I would have heard about it if she'd acted in something major.
  8. WidestScreen

    Renting or Owning?

    I know that some equipment is cost prohibitive to own. But, is there a piece of equipment that you feel you have to own, as opposed to renting it? I know that some people are very particular about their equipment and would rather own their equipment than having to deal with the hassle of...
  9. WidestScreen

    Wildlife Photography

    Does anyone have experience with wildlife photography? A friend of mine got a job taking photos of birds at a wildlife center. I think that there would be a lot of challenges with wildlife photography, especially if the animal isn't interesting in cooperating with the portrait!
  10. WidestScreen

    Food Photography

    Has anyone ever worked in food photography? I think it would be really interesting. I read that sometimes, food photographers will do things like put lipstick on strawberries to make them look more enticing! I hadn't thought that food photographers would do things like that, but it makes sense.
  11. WidestScreen

    Film Festivals

    Has anyone ever had their work screened at a film festival? If so, what was the experience like? I'd like to eventually submit my own student films to festivals, and I'd like to know a bit more about what I'm getting into!
  12. WidestScreen

    Dental Photography?

    I came across an unusual photography career photography! Apparently, offices will hire professional photographers. The photographers will use photos to help patients understand why treatment is necessary. Has anyone ever heard of this career or had experience with it? I'm...
  13. WidestScreen

    What are your hobbies?

    What are your hobbies outside of film editing and photography? I like to watch movies and go hiking. I find it helpful to take a break from my creative work sometimes, and I enjoy being out in nature.
  14. WidestScreen

    Have you ever written a screenplay?

    I'm taking a screenplay writing class this upcoming semester and I'm really excited. Part of the class is producing a short film with students from one of the acting classes on campus. Has anyone written a screenplay before? Got any tips for me? :)
  15. WidestScreen

    Has the pandemic ruined cinemas?

    Yesterday, I saw a trailer for a movie that was going to be released on both a streaming service and in cinemas. That got me wondering. Has the pandemic ruined cinemas? I still love going to see a movie at the cinema. It's quite an experience (especially in 3D)! Has your local cinema suffered...
  16. WidestScreen

    Any thoughts on RED Cameras?

    I'm thinking about what equipment to invest in after graduation. I've heard some good things about RED cameras, but they are REALLY expensive! :( For anyone who has used one, is it worth the cost? Is it something that I should be saving up for, or should I look elsewhere?
  17. WidestScreen

    Should I do an internship?

    I'm working on planning out my academic schedule for the upcoming semester (Fall 2021). I have to choose between taking a class with a professor I really like and taking an unpaid internship off campus. In your experience, is an internship worth it? I'm going into my junior year.
  18. WidestScreen


    I'm WidestScreen. :) I'm a sophomore college student, studying Radio, TV, Film at a state university. COVID has really put a damper on my college career. But luckily, most of my classes have been going well online, so there's no complaints there. I'm excited to learn more from established...

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