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  1. ePIC

    Laser damage

    I mailed it off to get fixed, and the guys aren't sure yet whether it's just damage to the lens or whether the sensor needs to be replaced. I'm just thankful that it's fixable.
  2. ePIC

    DIY fails

    Well, I've been fairly unsuccessful with camouflaging the mics I'm using to record the audio in a scene. I've tried hiding them within the foliage and grass, but it seems to wreck the audio quality.
  3. ePIC

    Camouflaging mics

    Do you guys have any tips for camouflaging mics in a scene without hindering the audio quality? I'm struggling with this one and could use some help.
  4. ePIC


    I've never used one of their products, but I've heard good things about them. They make lots of stuff. I believe they even make PTZ cameras.
  5. ePIC

    Tech companies replacing cam companies?

    People are so focused with taking videos and photos with their smartphones, that I don't see how the camera manufacturers aren't losing money. It's got to hurt. I think they're replacing the dedicated cameras that used to be trendy, like the basic digital camera that came out in the 90s. I...
  6. ePIC

    How to snap frost flowers?

    I'd say that any camera will do, so long as you have a macro lens. I think that frost flowers are pretty rare. I hope you can find one.
  7. ePIC

    Ready for Spring!

    I enjoy filming winter sports, and I've gotten a decent amount of work from that, so I can't complain too much. I'm looking forward to warmer weather, though.
  8. ePIC

    Best non name brand

    I bought a generic camera off of Ebay for my four-year-old cousin. It was pretty cheap. Her parents wanted something that she could bang around, and possibly even lose, without worrying about the cost. I have no idea what happened to it.
  9. ePIC

    Using YT influencers?

    Has anyone here worked with a YouTube influencer in order to get your film out there? I've thought about asking for a reaction/review video, but I'm not sure if it will be worth it. Any tips?
  10. ePIC

    Giving criticism

    Instead of focusing on what they're doing wrong, I'd try to focus on what you actually want them to do. Maybe that will help. I know that you work with kids, and I bet it's more difficult to communicate with small children.
  11. ePIC

    Why Don't People Vaccinate?

    I think there's a lot of misinformation out there. Plus, the different variants don't help things. There's this idea that the virus is going to keep mutating, and the vaccine won't be as effective against all of them, so why bother getting it. At least, that's what I've heard from some folks.
  12. ePIC

    Laser damage

    I'm going to throw a Hail Mary here - is there any way to repair the damage that's created by a laser? I was shooting a band with a light show, and one of the lasers hit at the wrong time. Now, every image that I take with my GH5 shows a small vertical line.
  13. ePIC

    No new flagship

    I ran across this article on CNET which suggests that Cannon won't be upgrading their flagship DSLR model again. The company believes that mirrorless cameras have become so wildly popular, that it's not worth updating anything else. Do you agree?
  14. ePIC

    Eastman Kodak

    I'm in my 20s, so I missed their big heyday, but my parents still dreamily talk about the brand. It's a shame they went under.
  15. ePIC


    Have you tried looking around your town? In my area, lots of shops have sleighs set up for folks to use it as a backdrop for their candid photos. Maybe you'll get lucky, too.
  16. ePIC

    Best value?

    I'm not on a tight budget necessarily, but I like to get the most bang for my buck. I'm going to film YouTube videos in a conference room. Which PMW cameras offer the best value?
  17. ePIC


    I've used a big screen TV before and a USB drive that held the script prompts. We had most of the dialogue memorized, of course, but the prompts really helped, and I already owned the TV. Use what you have.
  18. ePIC

    Lens for street photography?

    What lens would you guys recommend I use for taking street photography? I typically use cameras by GoPro and Blackmagic, so this is a bit out of my scope. I'll be using a Canon EF.
  19. ePIC

    Best online printing service?

    I used to love Costco's printing service, but then they stopped making the sizes I needed. Costco was so affordable. I haven't found anything like it since. I'll be watching this thread to get some ideas.
  20. ePIC

    Tap-in console

    It's essentially just an expensive accessory for certain camera lenses. It allows the user to customize the function and focus of the lens in more detail.

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