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    Staying Healthy Mentally

    There has been a lot of attention lately put on mental health, and especially keeping mentally healthy in your workplace. I've noticed that some of my friends who started careers in film or photography have burned out and moved on to something else. How do you stay healthy mentally in this field?
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    Thor: Love and Thunder

    I've seen it and I think people are just being too negative about it. It's a fun ride, with some funny jokes. I enjoyed it immensely. I think that people just wanted to find something to complain about, honestly.
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    Last Week Tonight

    Does anyone else watch Last Week Tonight, hosted by John Oliver? I find that it's a funny way to get some news each week. Otherwise, I find the news too depressing to watch!
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    Business cards?

    I haven't thought about getting business cards, but I like the idea! I think that it's an easy way for people to remember who you are, and it's simple and convenient. It's easier than telling someone to follow you on social media!
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    Any Tips for Writing a Science Fiction/Fantasy Screenplay?

    I like that idea! Sometimes, reality does seem stranger than fiction and I can tap into that weirdness present in the natural world to make my plants and animals all the more realistic!
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    Do you favor changing casts?

    I tend not to like it when actors get replaced, although I understand why. I think that we get connected to a face with a name, and it doesn't feel the same when it's a new person.
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    Any Tips for Writing a Science Fiction/Fantasy Screenplay?

    I've always loved fantasy and science fiction stories, and so I've always wanted to write one as well. I've struggled with how to describe the magic and other nonexistant animals and plants in the script. Has anyone ever written a screenplay in one of these genres? How did you end up describing...
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    Unnecessary Sequels

    I'd consider the Disney live action remakes reboots, but I also definitely think that they were completely unnecessary! If I want to watch The Lion King, then I'm going to go watch the already perfectly good original version!
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    Lindsay Lohan?

    I'd completely forgotten about Freaky Friday! I'd watched that movie two or three time with my friends, and one of my teachers played it for us in a high school psychology class. It is definitely a classic!
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    Senior picture props

    I didn't have any props for my senior photos. But I know that some people like to have special items. One of my friends had a sheep in his senior photos!
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    Managing toxicity at home

    Sometimes I need to physically remove myself from a space if it's becoming toxic. I've definitely taken some long walks when I was frustrated, or when my roommates were getting on my nerves. Maybe the two of you could talk a walk together and talk about the tension?
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    War Photographers

    I've seen so many photos come out of Ukraine. Each one saddens me, and I'm constantly reminded of how valiant and brave the photographers are who take the pictures. I always find war photographs arresting, and the ones from Ukraine are no different.
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    Unnecessary Sequels

    What do you think was the most unnecessary sequel ever made? I would put in my vote for some of the direct to DVD Disney sequels. I remember watching them when I was a kid, but I couldn't tell you what they were about!
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    Juggling Projects

    I really struggle with staying organized. I've tried a lot of different things, and the only way I've gotten through school was having reminders set on my phone. If I didn't have that, I would be so lost!
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    #1 thing you tried?

    I really like this idea! When I graduate college and start my own photography business, I think I'll offer this kind of referral discount. I think it's a good way to encourage people to spread the word about your services. :)

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